Check out this wooden Neo Geo

I was originally going to start this article off with a dirty joke about Neo Geo collectors, expensive items and erections, but I guess we should have some kind of standards.

Anyway, dirty jokes aside, high standards are exactly what led to the creation of this run of custom Neo Geos with wooden casing. A company called Analogue Interactive is making these new Neo Geos out of high quality materials, and packing in everything you’d want for SNK’s beloved beast.

Although seemingly pricey at $US649 (the original RRP of the Neo Geo), Analogue Interactive’s wooden system supports:

  • High quality wooden shell made from hand selected 100% Walnut and sealed with six layers of high quality lacquer
  • Unibios 3.0, so you can use both MVS and AES carts
  • RGB Scart output, for the best quality picture
  • Other outputs, including component, s-video and composite
  • True stereo sound
  • Controller ports compatible with all kinds of Neo Geo controllers and custom joysticks
  • Brand new rechargeable battery to save your high scores
  • Multivoltage power supply for worldwide use

The first shipment of these sold out quickly, but Analogue Interactive is taking orders for the second shipment. If you want to know more, I recommend checking out GamePro’s in-depth look at the system.

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