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Retro Reading #18

by on Sep.12, 2010, under Retro Reading

It’s still all quiet on the retro front at the moment. I’ve been working on some article plans lately, and this morning discussed the merits of hiring someone to redesign the site and implement features since I’m a bit too lazy/incompetent to do it myself. My partner wants me to start a site with her that showcases our collection, promotes her Youtube videos and provides a ranting outlet, so something might happen on that front soon. We’re also moving next week, as mentioned earlier, so things are getting packed up and we’re both panicking about game boxes getting ruined, as they inevitably do when moving.


  • Retronauts is ending. Not the biggest fan of what they do, particularly since they can be snarky, narrow-minded and have been known to not do the research (see the Master System episode), but a loss is a loss.
  • The PlayStation celebrated 15 years in America this week. European anniversary is the 29th. I’m led to believe the Australian anniversary is November 15th. We might do something for that, but I feel that the PS2’s 10th anniversary is more important.
  • Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary celebrations are starting to ramp up. Recently leaked by retailers was a Japan-exclusive (at this stage) Wii re-release of Super Mario Collection (Super Mario All Stars to you and I). For Â¥2500, you get Super Mario Collection, a soundtrack of music from various Mario games and a series history book. Not sure if the game is on a disc or if it’s just a download code, but we’ll find out in late October.

Retrogaming Times Monthly #76 at Retrogaming Times
More newslettery fun. and Datacrystal merge at
The two biggest names in rom hacking join forces.

In Memory of Rentals at 1Up Retro
Renting games was pretty much the only way we got to play stuff between birthdays and Christmas as kids. The PlayStation’s fragile disc media and skyrocketing rental prices pretty much killed it off here.

Kagirinaki Tatakai, Brain Breaker, Hudson Soft Mario, Pirate Ship Higemaru, Rune Master, MegaTen series, Hugo series, Leather Goddesses of Phobos and Blazing Dragons at Hardcore Gaming 101
Biggish update from the HG101 crew. The MegaTen series entry got some much needed updates – let’s hope the trend continues on some of the other series features that are falling further and further out of date. Much of the rest is PC adventure game stuff, which has dominated their coverage this year.

Hiroshi Ishikawa profile at Hardcore Gaming 101
A profile on one of the forces involved in the Japanese computer scene in the 90s.

Aqua (SS), Pokemon Emerald Beta (GBA), IMSA Racing (M2), Crash Bash Beta (PSX), WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It Beta (PS2), Elite (MD/SNES/GB), Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Beta (PS2/XB/GC), F-Zero GX Beta (GC), The 4th Unit: Merry-Go Round (MCD) at Unseen64
The Unseen64 crew is back from their summer break, so the updates are flowing once again. Nice to see a bit of M2 stuff.

Mother 3/EarthBound 64 Documentary at Unseen64
The first part of three looking at the troubled development of Mother 3.

Retrospectives: King’s Bounty (MD)
, Grand Theft Auto (PC) and Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (PSX)
at Eurogamer Retro
Bunch of game-specific articles from Eurogamer. Not the most interesting subject matter, honestly.

Virtual Console
Wild Guns (SNES)
Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory (Neo Geo)
Samurai Shodown III (Neo Geo)

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