Capcom to release 15th Anniversary Resident Evil Collection

In case you hadn’t already heard, Capcom is re-releasing Resident Evil: Code Veronica X and Resident Evil 4 in HD for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Japan gets it on a disc, we get it digitally. Sucks for those of us who like discs.

What’s even more sucky is that we won’t be getting this awesome Biohazard 15th Annivesary Box. The set, available through the e-Capcom store packs in the following goodies:

  • Biohazard: Director’s Cut (PSX)
  • Biohazard 2 (PSX)
  • Biohazard 3: Last Escape (PSX)
  • Biohazard Revival Selection (PS3) (aka Code Veronica X and Biohazard 4)
  • A spacer, which you can swap out for your copy of Biohazard 5 or Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition
  • Biohazard: Code Veronica Soundtrack
  • Biohazard 4 Soundtrack
  • 15th Anniversary pins and stickers

Since the box isn’t going to be sold outside of Japan, you’ve got two options if you want it: use a proxy service and order directly from Capcom, or try your luck with Play-Asia’s limited pre-order allocation.

Source: Andriasang