Boogerman 20th Anniversary: The Video Game picking and flicking on Kickstarter

Boogerman was something of a cult hit on the Mega Drive and SNES back in the mid-90s, and former Interplay developers Mike Stragey and Chris Tremmel are hoping that the fans who were wooed by the hero’s farting and burping antics 20 years ago will jump on board for another round with their Kickstarter project for a Boogerman reboot.

The pair are seeking $US375,000 to bring the game to life. They’re planning a release on Steam (Greenlight page is already up), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U. Former Rare composer Grant Kirkhope is lined up to do the soundtrack.

THe proposed game is an expansion and reboot of the original game, retreading some of the familiar ground of the original game, as well as new levels, new abilities and a modern presentation.

So if you wanted more Boogerman in your life, here’s your chance.

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