Check out Sega Australia’s (failed) pitch to remake more classic Sega games

Sega Studios Australia is currently putting the final touches on what will be their final game – Castle of Illusion HD, but it was revealed earlier in the week that the studio tried to pitch Sega on making them into a full blown retro revival studio.

The pitch video, which you can watch below, was for a remake of Golden Axe, to be released under a label called Sega Reborn. The crazier part of the idea was that all of the games would take place in the one universe, effectively meaning Streets of Rage would theoretically be set hundreds of years after the events of Golden Axe.

Of course, the last time Sega tried making 3D versions of their classic games, we got the first dozen or so 3D AGES releases, and those were…not so good. Being pre-alpha, this Golden Axe footage looks pretty rough, but there was some promise in there.

Via Segabits