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Retro Reading #17

by on Aug.01, 2010, under Retro Reading

RGA’s latest secret project is in heavy development. Not announcing what it is at the moment due to the potential embarassment of not finishing yet another project, but needless to say, you should all really enjoy it when it does launch, which I am expecting to be late Q4 2010 or Q1 2011. In amongst the work on that project, I’ve started planning out some site rehauling, including unified logins for the boards and the comments section on the blog, new banners and headers for the blog and forum, and some new content.

The first bit of new content is a series of Let’s Play videos. Let’s Play videos are a concept that mostly developed on SomethingAwful – people record playthroughts of games and commentate over them – either in a funny (usually failing to be funny) or informative manner. You’ll see the first one, International Cricket for the NES on the site today, but it’s already on Youtube if you’re keen. I’m not intending to solely cover Australian-oriented and/or developed games, but there’s little information on the Internet about these games, so it helps draw people in. I’ve never seen anyone do an LP on a sports game before either – I guess because there’s technically no story to follow, but you could probably do a good series for a season or franchise mode. I also must apologise in advance for my dull commentary – I hope that will improve with time and practice.

The Classic Gaming Expo 2010 is on right now – hopefully someone will have a nice report on the show that I can link you to in the future. Seems like they had a pretty good show lined up this year too.

The Tetris World Championships are happening on August 8 in Los Angeles. The event is being organised by former Nintendo World Championships winner Robin Mihara. A documentary film about the championships called The Tetris Masters: Ecstasy of Order is in production.

Phantasy Star text adventure translations released at MIJET
Sega released a load of Phantasy Star games that never made it to the West, including these two Game Gear games, which have now been translated to English. Joy.

Retrospective: Duck Tales at Eurogamer Retro
Duck Tales is one of my favourite NES games, and the folks over at Eurogamer Retro have a bit of a spiel on it. Of course, we can’t have a mention of Duck Tales without linking to the awesome Moon level theme music.

Retrospective: Mario Golf: Advance Tour at Eurogamer Retro
The portable versions of Mario sports titles are, in a matter of speaking, bloody brilliant. This article is not particularly good compared with other EG retro offerings, but it tells you what you need to know about the game.

Spinny and Spike (MD), Prince of Persia: Two Thrones Beta (PS2/XB/GCN), ClayFighter Beta (SNES), The Lawnmower Man Beta (SNES/MD), Spyral Saga (PSX), Timmy Time (32X), Ultra Copter Tech Demo (N64), Guilty Gear Beta (PSX), Full Throttle 2: Payback (PC/PS2), Virus (PSX), Area 51 (PS2/Xbox), Hell’s Deep (PC/PS2), Terminus (SS/PSX/PC) at Unseen64
The Unseen64 crew have a mass of updates for the last fortnight, but they’re taking August off to enjoy part of Summer. Interesting to see that there was a direct sequel to the Area 51 arcade game in development that was not the FPS we ended up getting.

Virtual Console Update: Aero the Acrobat (SNES)
Another mediocre game that, like many Sunsoft releases, punches above its weight on eBay.

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