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Retro Reading #16

by on Jul.17, 2010, under Retro Reading

Was intending to go back to weekly updates, but it didn’t quite work out due to a lack of content – I personally prefer one large update to a couple of small ones. I’ve spent the last two weeks working on a pair of big projects for RGA. They’re not going to be ready for months, so I’m going to refrain from talking about them more in case it doesn’t work out. I’d really like to get a better design for the site too, as I hate this WordPress skin at least 10x more than you.

Retrogaming Times Monthly July 2010 at Retrogaming Times
More monthly newsletter fun.

The History of Korean Games at Hardcore Gaming 101
A little something different from our friends at HG101 this month – an in-depth look into the history of games developed in Korea.

The History of Fan Translation at Hardcore Gaming 101
HG101’s also got a look at the history of fan translation projects. Keep in mind that this is a reprint of a Retro Gamer article, so you may have read part of it before if you’re an RG reader.

Myst series, Front Mission series, Mercenary Force, , Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller and Starship Titanic at Hardcore Gaming 101
HG101 has also put together their usual selection of monthly game articles. This month, some game articles have received some much needed updates, while other obscure PC adventure games are remembered, like the Hell, which starred the late Dennis Hopper as the Devil.

Sonic 2 XL at Sonic Stadium
I don’t normally post links to rom hacks, but this one is pretty funny, and extraordinarily well-executed. Sonic 2 XL replaces Sonic’s standard rings with onion rings – as you collect rings, he gets fatter. Collect too many and he stops from exhaustion and dies. Really nice new sprites and adjusted physics to match.

Roman Bloodsport (Xbox), Outrun 2 Beta (Arcade), Split Realities (PSX/SS), Bug Busters: The Exterminators (MCD), Kasumi Ninja Beta (JAG), Sonic Battle Beta (GBA), Street Fighter II Concept (Arcade), Hirelings (PC/PS2), Brett Hull Hockey (JAG), Citizen X (MCD), Ultimate Brain Games (JAG), Primal Rage 2 (Arcade), Tarzan (SNES), Tekken “Rave War” Beta (Arcade), Super Burn Out (JAG), Savage Heroes (MD), Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf (JAGCD), The Big One (PS2), Rayman (SNES), King of Fighters 99 Beta (Arcade), Screwballs Superleague (NES), Super Mario Land 2 Beta (GB), Titan Warriors (NES) and Thunder in Paradise (SNES) at Unseen64
Another big month at Unseen64, pretty heavy on the Jaguar stuff if that tickles your fancy. I thought the Melbourne House PS2 game sounded pretty cool, though – shame Atari/Infogrames really mismanaged that studio.

Looking Back on Acclaim with Greg Fischbach at 1UP Retro
1UP tracked down former Acclaim founder Greg Fischbach to have a chat about the company’s glory days and eventual demise.

Mario Figure Alternatives from the Past at 1UP Retro
The 1UP crew also took a look at some obscure old Mario figures in “celebration” of the Mario crew statuette sent to NOA Club Nintendo platinum members.

The Rarest and Most Valuable Turbografix/PC Engine Games at Racketboy
Racketboy has done another roundup of rare and expensive games, this time for the PC Engine. Most PCE fans will probably know what to expect, but if you’re new to the machine, it’s a good read.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Retrospective at Eurogamer Retro
The special edition of Monkey Island 2 with (horrible) tarted up graphics and (not horrible) voice work was released on XBLA, PSN and Steam recently, so Eurogamer went back and looked at the original. As you do.

Nintendoage June Newsletter at Nintendo Age (reg required)
More monthly newsletter fun from the NA crew.

Recent Virtual Console releases: Ufouria: The Saga (NES, 500 points), Shadow of the Ninja (NES, 600 points)
Two quality new releases for the VC – hopefully this will cause a major drop in the price of a copy of Ufouria.

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