Video Game Ad of the Day: Bleemcast!

Bleem! was a PlayStation emulator for Windows released in the late 90s which was really the first program capable of running commercial PlayStation software on a PC. It was a high level emulator, supporting smoothing and other such functions as well as plugins. Bleem eventually decided to bring the project to the Dreamcast, letting you play your Sony games on your Sega console. However, despite the intentions shown in the ad, Bleem couldn’t get the compatibility required for a decent commercial release, so instead of releasing one all-encompassing Bleem emulator product, they wound up releasing them on a per-game basis. Only three Bleempacks were released – Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo 2 and Tekken 3.

Sony took Bleem to court over violating their rights – Bleem won the court case, but the litigation bled them dry and they wound up bankrupt. Funnily enough, the two individuals behind Bleem, Randy Linden and Sean Kauppinen would actually wind up working for Sony – the former on emulation technology for SCEA.

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