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Retro Reading #15

by on Jun.26, 2010, under Retro Reading

Poor RGA got ignored while I had a guest-editing stint over at GamePron that covered the nutso E3 week and a couple of days after. Now that’s all done with, I can get back to retro fun.

Retrogaming Times Monthly June 2010 issue at Retrogaming Times
Latest issue of the long-running newsletter is out, majority of the issue appears to be Pac-Man related articles in celebration of the character’s 30th anniversary.

Atari 2600 pause kit now available at AtariAge
Fancy the ability to pause your VCS? For $US20 (plus shipping) and a bit of soldering fun, you can. Alternatively, if you’re totally incompetent with tools like me, you can send it to them to for installation for $US25 (plus shipping).

Jackie Chan video games, Aquales, Laura Bow Mysteries, Mission Critical at Hardcore Gaming 101
HG101’s June update has a particularly good article on Jackie Chan’s numerous video games. The rest is more PC adventure game stuff, which seems to have dominated their coverage lately.

The Life and Times of Jeremy Blaustein at Hardcore Gaming 101
Jeremy Blaustein is one of those pioneers in game translation, becoming a name amongst gaming fans for going above and beyond the call of duty in his translations. His credits include Snatcher, Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden II, Valkyrie Profile, Silent Hill 2, Shenmue, Dragon Warrior VII, Shadow Hearts and Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle. This interview discusses Blaustein’s career, from humble beginnings to running his own companies.

Opposite Lock/Wrecking Crew Beta (SS/PSX), God of War II Beta (PS2), Marble Man: Marble Madness 2 (Arcade), Chrono Cross Beta (PSX), Phase Zero (Jag), Popeye (MD), Guardians: Agents of Justice (PC), Test Drive Cycles (PSX), Banjo Pilot Beta (GBA), Mega Man 8 Beta (SS/PSX), Alien vs. Predator: Nightmare on Ryushi (PC), Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat (NES), I:5 (PS2), Extreme Wakeboarding (PS2), Burning Fists (MCD), Converse Hardcore Hoops (MD/SNES/SS/PSX), Airs Adventure (SS), Silent Space (Xbox/PS2/PC), SimCopter 64 (N64DD), Gumshoe (Xbox/PC) and Zombie High (MD) at Unseen64
Miss a couple of weeks and these Unseen64 entries pile up – all the more reason why you should visit their site regularly. Nothing particularly grand this month, but it’s always nice when someone unearths more cancelled N64DD stuff.

Interview: Grant Kirkhope at Unseen64
Legendary Rareware musician Grant Kirkhope was interviewed by Unseen64 earlier in the month. They try to drill him for information about cancelled Rare games.

EGM’s first screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog at 1UP Retro
1UP seems to be spending all of its updates on Spectrum games, which I tend to prefer not to cover on RGA (since the Spectrum gets so much coverage elsewhere), but they broke their coverage of three colour games to post some screens from the first reveal of Sonic the Hedgehog from a 1990 issue of EGM.

Games and Franchises that defined the Fighting genre at Racketboy
Racketboy contributor Ack has put together a list of the games he believes defined the fighting genre – you should be able to guess most of them before reading the article.

Armed & Dangerous Retrospective at Eurogamer Retro
Eurogamer’s John Walker has written up a piece on the riotously funny but largely overlooked Planet Moon shooter Armed & Dangerous. Landsharks for all!

This week’s Virtual Console release: Mario Tennis (N64)
One of the finest multiplayer games for the Nintendo 64 is now available on the Wii for 1000 Nintendo Points. Beats the $50+ you’d have to shell out for a cart-only copy on eBay, and arguably better than Mario Power Tennis.

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