Legend of Zelda prototype sells for $US55,000

Last week, a prototype version of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System was listed with a Buy It Now price of $US150,000. While most people (quite rightfully) scoffed at the price, it appears someone was willing to spend an obscene amount of money for the cartridge, as it has now sold for a price of $US55,000.

Speaking to the Examiner, the seller said “I feel as though that was accomplished. It was also important getting prototype video game collecting into the news. It is amazing what is out there in released and unrealesed protos.”

When asked about getting a third of his original asking price he replied “Do I think it’s worth more? Yes. There was no way I was taking less than the previous world record. The fact that it remained in tact over the last 25 years is amazing. The legacy of this cart and how it came into the hands of the previous owner is incredible.”

Do you think that the buyer got his money’s worth? The word going around the prototype community is that this version of the cartridge is indistinguishable from the retail release – possible leaving someone rather red faced and considerably poorer. The label on the cartridge is dated 02/23/87 – some six months before the US release, but a full year after the original Famicom Disk System release.

Source: the Examiner