Documentary on the rise of video game development in the UK needs your help!

Anthony and Nicola Caufield, a husband and wife British filmmaking team have a dream. A 90 minute documentary about rise of the British video game industry between 1979 and 1996 entitled From Bedrooms to Billions. The couple has been working on this project for nearly four years, and has been turned down by just about everyone under the sun, including a heartbreaking last minute withdrawal of funding from the BBC.

They’ve turned their attention to crowdfunding website Indiegogo in the hopes of getting the project finished. The fundraiser is currently at about $4,500 with 25 days to go. The goal is $30,000. Pre-production has been completed and several interviews filmed (including the likes of Julian “Jaz” Rignall, Archer MacLean and Iain Lee), with the filmmakers ready to go into full production mode when they’ve got the money.

Like your usual crowdsourcing project, there are a number of perks up for grabs for those who pledge at specific tiers, including portraits drawn by legendary Crash and Zzap 64! artist Oliver Frey.

Via Eurogamer

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