Wolfram, a fan remake of Wolfenstein 3-D, is now available

Wolfenstein 3-D recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Fun was had by all. In celebration of this event, Russian independent developer Chain Studios has released their remake of the game, entitled Wolfram.

Unlike many recent Wolfenstein 3-D upgrades and remakes, Wolfram isn’t just the original game with OpenGL support and nicer textures – it’s been built from the ground up on the studio’s inhouse engine Volatile 3D II. This makes for an almost entirely new game with modern bells and whistles like per-pixel lighting with bump-mapping and parallax mapping; soft stencil shadows; refractions, cubemap reflections, mirrors, ragdoll physics and an achievement system. Hell, you can even aim up and down.

At this stage, only the shareware portion of Wolfenstein 3-D is available for play in Wolfram. You can download it here.