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Official Australian PlayStation Magazine
Editor Andrew Iredale (Next)
Ewan Corness (Next)
Rob Pegley
Troy Gorman
Frequency Quarterly (#1-#2)
Bi-monthly (#3-#7)
Monthly (#8-#42)
Circulation 48,070
Publisher Next Media (1996-1999)
ACP (1999-2002)
Year founded 1996
First issue October 1996
Final issue September 2001
Number of issues 42

Official Australian PlayStation Magazine was a PlayStation-focused monthly magazine first published by Next Publishing (bi-monthly) before moving to ACP. It was succeeded by Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Australia (ACP). Next published the magazines Australian Station and PlayStation Gamer after the official magazine moved to ACP. The magazine was published from October 1996 until September 2001, when the magazine was merged with the PlayStation 2 magazine.


Rob Pegley, Jason Hill, Andrew Iredale, Stuart Clarke, Steve Polak, George Soropos, Mike Wilcox, Mike Goldsmith, Pete Wilton, James Price, Daniel Griffiths, Steve Bradly, Keith Stuart, Sam Richards, Alex Bickham, Steve Merrett, Dan Mayers, Andrew Collins, Arron Taylor, Steve Faragher, Kieron Gillen, Dean Evans, Nicolas di Costanza, David Harrison, Stephen Lawson, Justin Calvert, Catherine Channon, Oliver Hurley, Richie Young, Nick Jones, Dave Slade, Mark Donald, James Ashton, Andy Lowe, Paul Rose, Chris Buxton, Andy Butcher, Steve Owen, Matthew Price, Howard Davidson, Joanna Foster, Peter Hill, Steve Faragher, Ewan Corness, Anthony Holden, Roger Polak, Jon Smith, Lee Hall, Al Bickham, Zy Nicholson, Richard Keith, Matthew Pierce, Jonathan Davies.



  • Published monthly from Issue 9/April 1998.
  • Rob Pegley editor of ACP version
  • Circulation once topped 50,000 in 1999 - Pegley's goal was to sell 100,000 copies, though.
  • Circulation - 48,070 December 1999 - 31,441 December 2000
  • ACP gains rights to publish in January 1999 following Sony's termination of licensing agreement with Next. Michael Ephraim, managing director Sony Computer Entertainment, has claimed that ACP will find it easier to promote the title in its own magazines and on the Nine Network. ACP is also planning a radio and television (TV) campaign. <ref>ACP snatches Playstation mag. (1999, January 29). Adnews</ref>
  • Republished in New Zealand as Official NZ PlayStation Magazine. Appears to have started from #23?


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The magazine regularly included demo discs with a range of playable demos and videos of upcoming games.