Nintendo: The Official Magazine

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Nintendo: The Official Magazine
Editor Rob Edwards
Former editors Nic Healey
Mark Serrels
Mike Foley
Daniel Wilks
Damian Francis
Publisher Future Publishing Australia
Year founded 2008
First issue December 2008
Final issue December 2013
Number of issues 60
Website Here
Status Defunct

Nintendo: The Official Magazine was a Nintendo-focused magazine published by Future Publishing from December 2008 to December 2013. It was a follow up to Nintendo Magazine System, which ceased publication in 2000. The editor as of the last update was Damien Francis, who had held the role since October 2010.


No official reason was given for the closure of the Australian version of the magazine. Many speculate that lagging sales of the magazine after the switch to 3DS and Wii U contributed to the magazine's demise. One year later when the UK version was discontinued, Nintendo's focus on new methods of communication with its audience (i.e. Nintendo Direct) was cited as the key reason for the closure.


  • Issue 1: 2009 Calendar
  • Issue 2: Nintendo DS tips book
  • Issue 3: Nintendo character drink coasters
  • Issue 10: Nintendo DS Lite Keychain (six types: Silver - Pokemon, Green - Zelda, Black - Professor Layton, Blue - Sonic Rush, Red - Mario, White - Animal Crossing)
  • Issue 14: Mario Collector's Tin


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