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Editor Joanne White (nee Borkman)
Frequency Monthly
Publisher ACP
Year founded 1994
Based in Sydney
Status Defunct

Gamestar (also known as Australian Gamestar) was a multi-format games magazine published by ACP. It ran for 13 issues spanning from June 1994 to June 1995. The magazine was loosely tied to The Zone which aired on Channel 9 (both ACP and Channel 9 were owned by Publishing and Broadcasting Limited at the time)


Jo Borkman, Janice Tong, Fiona Tomarchio, Nat Tunbridge, Steve Polak, Grantley Day, Michael Condran, Kathy Campbell, Adam Riley, Rohan Singh, Tim Boyle, Stewart Kirkland, Mark Lingane, Lee Borkman, James Morris, Lisa Chevallier.


  • Spent a year in development before launching.
  • Many PC reviews and almost all playguide content was licensed from Paragon Publishing.

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