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GamesTM Australia
Editor Michael Butler
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Highbury-Paragon
Year founded 2003
First issue March 2003
Final issue October 2005
Number of issues 29

GamesTM Australia was an Australian reprint of popular UK magazine GamesTM with additional Australian content. It was published by Highbury-Paragon from 2003 til 2005?. Up to 28 issues published?.


GamesTM was launched to the British market in December 2002, and proved to be an instant success. The magazine's publisher Highbury had some success reprinting it's UK-based magazines for the Australian market, and decided to bring GamesTM to Australia, due to minimal competition in the multiformat magazine segment. The Australian version was established in February 2003, and took most of its feature and review content from the UK magazine, adding in news and some features which catered to the local market.


It appears that GamesTM Australia was discontinued when Paragon Publishing's Australian offices were shut in 2005.


  • Does not sync up perfectly with the UK version at the start. The first couple of issues are kind of a "best-of" compilations of articles from the first five issues of the UK magazine, along with articles from issues six through eight.
  • Australian issues generally tend to have unique covers.
  • While Issue 12 features Transformers on the cover, there's actually only a single page of content on it.

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