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Edge Australia
Editor Dan Toose
Frequency Monthly
Circulation < 10,000
Publisher Derwent Howard
Year founded 2004
First issue October 2004
Final issue February 2005
Number of issues 5
Status Defunct

Edge Australia was an Australian version of long-running UK magazine Edge with additional local content. It was published by Derwent Howard under license from Future Publishing. It launched in September 2004 but folded in February 2005 after just five issues.


Derwent Howard sublicensed a number of magazines and magazine content from UK-based Future Publishing for a number of years and decided to add Edge to its repetoire. In 2004, a deal was inked whereby Derwent Howard could publish an Australian version of Edge using a mix of content from the UK version and original content from its Australian editorial team.

Former Hyper editor Dan Toose was selected as the editor for the magazine. The magazine was announced in August 2004 with the first issue made available in September. The first issue had a print run of 20,000, with Derwent citing that it aimed for circulation of around 10,000 issues per month.<ref>Unknown. (2004, August 18). "Game on for new Derwent mag launches", B and T</ref>


Dan Toose, Kevin Cheung, Richie Young, James Cottee, Simon Wan


  • Initial print run 20,000. Circulation hope was 10,000.
  • Awarded three 10s in the third issue. At that point, Edge had awarded six 10s in its 11 year history.
  • Each issue essentially mirrors a UK issue of the same time with minor changes to suit the Australian market, and replacement reviews written by the Australian staff.
  • Local version of Edge's 100 best games may have been published by Derwent Howard.

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